Finding the fun - A note from our founder

Chaos, but make it cool

When I was a first-time mom I went to a neighbor's holiday potluck. A nice older gentleman started up a conversation with me around the buffet table. I shared that we lived next door and that it was myself, my husband, and our six-month old son.

He asked, "Oh how's that going?"

I replied, "Oh, it's so much fun!"

He looked taken aback and replied, "Fun? That's something you don't hear too often." 

And that took me aback in turn. Why don't we embrace the fun of being a mom as much as we commiserate on the challenges? The sleepless nights and never-ending sick days get all the attention. But the silly games, the surprise hugs, and the giggle-filled dinners are left to the periphery. 

Years later, I'm now a full-time working mother to three kids ages 7 and under. Life is even more chaotic and more challenging for me, and every single mother around the world— for good reasons.

We've been navigating a once-in-a-lifetime pandemic; a supreme, ongoing lack of government policies; a culture that still considers prioritizing mental health or self-care a luxury, and so on. 

Mama Rama was created out of my desire to empower and bring joy to fellow mothers, through sharing the simple products I've found that make my own life easier. 

Because while the big things will take some time to turn around, we can, should, and must find joy and fun in our every day. We've got this, mamas.